Exterior view of the event hall
Working Hours: 10:00 - 19:00

Restaurant in Chisinau "MiaDora" - The Best Choice for Your Wedding!

Exclusivity MiaDora
2000m2 interior
3000m2 exterior
One event at a time
Professionalism MiaDora
19 years of activity
Over 1500 organized events
Personalized counseling
Event agenda
Info providers
Menu design system
Event timing
Impeccable service
Location MiaDora
700m2 event hall
100m2 bar area
70m2 smoking area
100m2 fourchette area
100m2 reception area
200m2 water area
600m2 parking
700m2 provider spaces
3000m2 green area
60m2 children's room
Atmosphere MiaDora
Unique pool in the country
Ancient statues and columns
Architectural lights
Water basin
Luxury hall
About Us
The MiaDora restaurant team has extensive experience of over 19 years, during which it has learned to be a united, professional team capable of offering customizable solutions for any event. We bring concrete actions, the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated over time, and we can make you daydream with your eyes wide open! If you want an honest and transparent partner, MiaDora restaurant is the best choice! We are up-to-date with the times. This is the ideal place to celebrate the most beautiful moment in your life, such as your wedding day! We warmly welcome you to return every time. Enjoy, celebrate, smile—this is our philosophy!

About Us
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Outdoor marriage registration is an excellent alternative to a boring and hasty registration at the Civil Status Office. Remember how you dreamed of this when watching American movies and imagine how exciting the wedding photos taken here will be.
The koi fish pond is a refuge, a perfect place for romantic souls, where the air of an ancient era blends perfectly with luxury and refinement.
Facilis ducimus est
It is an endless source of inspiration for creating unique photos. Elegant statues, pleasant music, and lighting will immerse you in a special atmosphere and provide a magical spirit to your photos. And the water jet, by the way, rises to a height of 8 meters, symbolizing the source of prosperity, success, and vitality, is very suitable for wedding photos.
At the open-air terrace, during the reception, appetizers, sweets, fruit assortments, alcoholic and soft drinks are served.
The area where we offer guests the possibility to be in a more relaxed atmosphere, where they can socialize quietly, with natural coffee or tea, throughout the entire event.
The space for smokers, so that every guest feels comfortable and does not get bored.
Hall with an area of 800 square meters, equipped with a high-performance acoustic system, specially created for those who appreciate value and luxury, with a capacity of up to 270 seats. The design is elegant, and the perfect quality of each detail, welcoming atmosphere, elegance, and the uniqueness of the hall will make your event unforgettable.
The space in front of the restaurant is intended for 30 cars, plus the one in the immediate vicinity with an unlimited number of parking spaces.
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About MiaDora Restaurant and the New Wedding Season.

Business Class: How many years has MiaDora Restaurant been in business? How has it changed over time? Andrian Buruiana: The MiaDora brand appeared on the Moldovan market in 2001. We started as a bar and restaurant with a daily activity in a 170 m² space. Since 2006, we have specialized exclusively in events. Until 2015, we underwent nine major renovations. The changes were enormous. Read More

We Organize Events for 50 People!

Some events truly help us appreciate what seemed ordinary. The last six months have made us understand how much we value our loved ones and how important it is to experience the most significant moments in life together. We have eagerly awaited opportunities to reunite after the pandemic, and now, finally, we can plan the long-awaited celebrations! How will these events unfold? And most importantly, when? Read More

Professional Counseling – the Key to a Memorable Event!

If you imagine that the event preparation process is a long and unknown journey, what would be the first thing you think of? Probably, you would have to look for a guide who knows the area and destination well. Of course, you can try to travel blindly, but it will be much more challenging. Similarly, to organize an important event, you need professional counseling to help you navigate through this process as smoothly as possible. How exactly? Read More