Exterior view of the event hall

About MiaDora Restaurant and the New Wedding Season.

Business Class: How many years has the MiaDora restaurant been operating? How has it changed over this time?
Andrian Buruiana: The MiaDora brand appeared on the Moldovan market in 2001. We started as a 170 m² bar and restaurant with daily activity. Since 2006, we've specialized exclusively in events. Until 2015, we made nine major renovations. The changes were enormous. Additionally, we expanded. Now the internal area is 2000 m², and the surrounding area is 3000 m². Since then, we've established the rule to introduce something new every year, both inside the restaurant and in its exterior design, which has long been the MiaDora restaurant's hallmark. Regarding the team, immense work has been done over these years. Probably, we needed the first ten years to fully understand the industry, the basic principles of managing a public catering business. Now the MiaDora team consists of experienced professionals who know their field perfectly.
Business Class: MiaDora is a recognized brand. What do you think helped it achieve this popularity?
Andrian Buruiana: I think it would be more accurate to say that, regardless of our status, we never stop putting all our efforts into supporting and developing the brand. We have 20 years of daily work in the industry behind us, growing from a small venue into one of the most well-known restaurants in the country. 90% of our employees (totaling 45) have been professionally trained here, at MiaDora—these figures speak volumes. I can't even remember how many events we've organized; weddings alone exceeded 1,500 in number. Throughout our history, we've learned a lot from our own mistakes, but in the end, we became a united team that deeply understands the philosophy and mission of MiaDora.
Business Class: The main thing visitors highlight when talking about the MiaDora restaurant is its beautiful exterior and delicious dishes. In your opinion, what is the main characteristic of the MiaDora restaurant?
Andrian Buruiana: Of course, we pay great attention to the care and arrangement of the courtyard. I repeat, it has long been the hallmark of the MiaDora restaurant. A remarkable courtyard and the restaurant's special design are the first things our guests notice as soon as they step in, with the most impressed being those who visit us for the first time. The kitchen and service are another feature that helps us maintain the expectations of our customers. Besides these, I believe that each member of the MiaDora team, from the event manager to the chef and steward, is in their exact place, understands what and how they should do, fully engages in the process, and focuses on their direct responsibilities. This is the guarantee of quality and success in our industry.
Business Class: How would you describe your customers?

Andrian Buruiana: Firstly, our customers are our guests. Let me explain. MiaDora is often chosen for weddings. We understand how emotional this event is, so we enthusiastically support even the most ambitious ideas, actively participate in lengthy discussions, and meticulous planning. We are in constant contact with our customers, from the moment of booking the event date to the very last minute. Of course, during this entire time, we develop a warm and trusting relationship with our guests, so they become part of the MiaDora family. The MiaDora restaurant is often chosen for anniversaries, corporate parties, and presentations. It may seem that such events are identical in terms of organization; however, in reality, each of them requires an individual approach, full involvement, cooperation, and commitment. I believe that the MiaDora restaurant is chosen by those who want to be closer to nature and appreciate beautiful views. Those who understand the role of the team's abilities and capabilities in fulfilling their ideas and desires. Those who are ready to offer their guests a special experience. This includes walks in a beautiful courtyard adorned with a fountain and a waterfall, aromatic coffee in the restaurant's bar area, the possibility to socialize on the comfortable smoking terrace, an outdoor candy bar, and, of course, the grand event held in the main hall of the MiaDora restaurant.
Business Class: Now, during the pandemic, how has the life of the MiaDora restaurant changed?
Andrian Buruiana: We are going through a very difficult stage, not only for us but for the whole world. During the quarantine period, first and foremost, we did everything possible to keep our team. We've always appreciated it because it has been formed over 20 years, a lot of soul has been invested in it, and because without it, we cannot conceive success in the future. And we succeeded because we are now working with the same colleagues, and just as actively, perhaps even more intensively. We used the period of restrictions to optimize sanitary conditions, improve services, introduce new cooking techniques, and automate kitchen processes.
Business Class: HoReCa has felt the effects of the new coronavirus pandemic more than other industries. How have you felt during this period, and what do you think about it?

Andrian Buruiana: If we exclude the disaster happening in the medical system and the tragedy experienced by families who lost their loved ones during the pandemic, then from a financial point of view, HoReCa is indeed one of the most affected industries. This situation occurred for the first time, so it's worth looking at it as an exam for all owners and managers in this business field. Personally, I strive to support this test with optimism and to learn from the lessons generously given to us over the past nine months.
Business Class: Adapting to the new realities, what offers are you preparing for your customers in 2021?

Andrian Buruiana: According to the restrictions regarding public event organization, currently, only 50 people can participate in them. And we comply with this requirement. Also, we try our best to maintain social distance between guests. And, of course, we pay special attention to complying with sanitary standards. Many events planned for 2020 have been postponed until 2021, so currently, we are involved in preparing for these. In addition to this, there are also new orders. We meet with each client individually, offering personalized support and advice. It's challenging to convince people who dreamt of a grand event, such as a wedding, to reduce the number of guests to 50 people. Therefore, we hope that in the new season, things will improve, and it will be possible to work in the same way as before the pandemic. Of course, no one knows how the situation will evolve in the next six months, but ultimately, nothing lasts forever. I look to the future with optimism and hope that by February-March 2021, everything will return to normal. I believe this difficult period has taught everyone to appreciate what they have, what surrounds them, so we will start looking at things and events considered unimportant or trivial differently until now.