Exterior view of the event hall

Unique Photo Zones for Brides and Grooms with Refined Tastes!

"Fashion is fleeting, while classic is eternal." These words are always relevant, especially when choosing locations for a wedding photo shoot. Photos taken in an elegant atmosphere will delight you even after 10, 20, or 50 years, as the classic is more than just a style. It's a special philosophy, a distinct tradition. In this article, we want to tell you more about the photo areas available exclusively for our newlyweds, as they are unique and worthy of unique photos. Why can you be sure you'll be unique? MiaDora Restaurant has only one hall, which means that the entire territory, including the guest reception area, bar and buffet areas, smoker's terrace, area dedicated to children's activities, and, of course, all photo areas will be available exclusively for you! We invite you for a short walk through the most fascinating locations of our restaurant.
  • Waterfall. Not every newly created family can boast such a photo. And even though our waterfall is far from Niagara, there is none like it in Moldova. Moreover, it carries a profound symbolic meaning. The fluidity and flexibility of the water embody the beginning of a new life where you both will be so receptive to each other, excited that no current of life will scare you.
  • Pool. It's an endless source of inspiration for creating unique photos. The elegant statues, pleasant music, and lighting will immerse you in a special atmosphere and will provide a magical spirit to your photos. And the jet of water, which, by the way, rises to a height of 8 meters, symbolizes the source of prosperity, success, and vitality, making it very suitable for wedding photos.
  • Dome. Outdoor wedding registration is an excellent alternative to a boring registration done in a hurry at the Civil Status Acts Office. Remember how you dreamed of this when watching American movies, and imagine how emotional the wedding photos taken here will be.
  • Facade. Columns, palm trees, statues, and many other elegant details are an endless palette for imagination. Here, you can easily create an infinite number of fabulous photos. And in the evening, when the multicolored lights come on, you will be even more impressed by all this luxury and refinement.
We have strived to gather exclusive works of art at MiaDora that will fill you with admiration. All that remains is for you to make the right choice and arm yourself with a superb mood!