How to choose a suitable wedding photographer?

Do you know what is the most valuable gift you will receive on your wedding day? A car… a time machine! You will need it every time you want to feel the emotions of your wedding day again. When there are temporary difficulties in family life, or when you are telling your children and grandchildren your love story, you just need to look at your wedding photos. Yes, photos can immerse you in memories and excite your senses, but only on one condition: if they are created by a talented photographer. How to make the right choice? This article should help you. The role of the photographer is not only to capture everything that happens on your wedding day, but also to create your unique story. What will make it unique? Details. Everything from accessories to wedding décor, captured in high-quality pictures, will help you create a result that you will be proud of. Therefore, it is very important to devote sufficient time to choosing a photographer. - Look for recommendations and explore as many portfolios as possible. Pay attention to how the photographer worked with light, color, and composition. Imagine yourself in the place of the newlyweds, and try to understand if you dreamed of such photos. - Make appointments with different professionals. This is necessary for you not only in order to discuss the details, but also to understand the personality of the photographer and whether you like him. Why is it important? Because a wedding is an emotional event and stress is no exception. All these emotions you will experience next to your photographer, so if you feel comfortable and free with him, then the pictures will turn out to be alive. Therefore, first of all, you need to pay attention to the personal qualities of the photographer, and only then to the professional ones. - Communicate. Be honest: tell your photographer about your dreams, fears and expectations. Feel free to show him the photo styles you like, and don't forget to highlight the guests you would like to share more with. 19 years of experience in organizing weddings allowed us to create our own rating of photographers based on the opinions of grooms and brides who celebrated their wedding in a restaurant from Chisinau - MiaDora. They can make you laugh or cry just by looking at the photo:
  • Alex Iordache Photography
  • I.D. Brothers Dorin Catrinescu
  • Vadim Jantic Photography
  • Vadim Dodon Photography
  • Cristal Studio Cristina Grigoreac
  • Viorel Belinschii
  • Volosciuc Photography Vadim Volosciuc
Which one is the best? The one that's right for you!