What do brides and grooms expect from their first visit to a restaurant?

The first visit to a restaurant for a wedding is like a first date. Distrust and a sense of suspense can easily overshadow the special beauty of this moment. What determines whether you want to spend the most important day of your life in a particular restaurant in Chisinau, and what to look for when you first meet in person?
They say that there is no second chance for a first impression, and this is also true in the choice of restaurant. When you first step over its threshold, listen to your feelings. Who met you, what do your employees look like, how and what do they say, what atmosphere is there? Remember that the same will be the first impression of your wedding with your guests. Do you like it If so, then move on.
Like people, each restaurant has its own specifics, and to find out all its features, you need to try to ask as many questions as possible. How many guests can be accommodated in the banquet hall? Will your event be the only one in this institution? Is there an open area for meeting guests, or will it need to be done in the hall? How will the guest service be organized: how many waiters are provided for the zone for meeting guests and for each table? And of course, what services can you provide here and what is their cost? If the information received satisfies you, it’s time to proceed to the next step.
Tell us about yourself. Already during the tour of the restaurant, you can openly talk about your expectations, dreams and desires. Pay attention to how representatives of the institution relate to your words and whether they are ready to make any changes to take into account your wishes. Is contact established? Great, it’s time for a deeper look.
When you first visit any banquet hall in Chisinau, you need to pay attention to important points that are not striking, but can turn into unpleasant surprises on your wedding day. For example, acoustics. Its absence will create an unpleasant echo, from which your guests will be annoyed and quickly tired. The presence and location of air conditioners is also very important for the comfort of your guests, so carefully analyze whether their work will not interfere with the invitees. And of course, is the menu adapted to the season in which your event will take place. For example, in the summer it should have more light snacks and cooling drinks, and in the cold season – meat dishes with an abundance of spices, and strong alcohol.
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