About MiaDora restaurant and the new wedding season

Business Class: How old is MiaDora restaurant? How has he changed during this time?
Andrian Buruyane: The MiaDora brand has been on the Moldovan market since 2001. We started as a 170 m² bar and restaurant with a daily schedule. Since 2006, we have specialized exclusively in events. Until 2015, nine major renovations were carried out. The changes were enormous. In addition, we have expanded, now the internal area is 2000 m², the surrounding area is 3000 m². Since then, we have made it a rule to introduce something new every year both in the interior design and in the arrangement of our yard, which has long become the hallmark of the MiaDora restaurant. As for the team, a huge amount of work has been done over the years. Probably, the first ten years were needed to understand and study the industry, the basic principles of managing a public catering enterprise. Now the MiaDora team consists of experienced professionals who know absolutely everything about this area.
Business Class: MiaDora is already a recognizable brand. What do you think helped to achieve popularity?
Andrian Buruyane: I think it would be more correct to say that regardless of our status, we do not stop making every effort to support and develop the brand. When we have 20 years of daily work in the industry behind us, when we have grown from a small establishment into one of the most recognizable restaurants in the country, when 90% of the employees, and there are 45 of them, professionally formed here at MiaDora, it says a lot. How many events we have served and organized, and I can't remember. There were over 1,500 weddings alone. Our history is a learning from our own mistakes, but in the end we have become a united team, deeply feeling and understanding the philosophy and mission of MiaDora.

Business Class: The main thing that visitors note when talking about the MiaDora restaurant is a beautiful courtyard and delicious cuisine. In your opinion, what is the main feature of MiaDora restaurant?
Andrian Buruyane: Of course, we pay great attention to the care and arrangement of the yard. I repeat, it has long become the hallmark of MiaDora. The beautiful courtyard and the special design of the restaurant are something that our guests see immediately and that, of course, is impressive, especially for those who cross the threshold of our establishment for the first time. Cuisine and serving is another feature that helps us meet customer expectations. However, I think every member of the MiaDora team, from the event manager, the chef to the butler, is in his place, understands what and how he should do, is fully involved in the process and focused on his direct responsibilities. This is the guarantee of quality and success in our industry.
Business Class: What are your customers like?
Andrian Buruyane: Our clients, first of all, are our guests. Let me explain. MiaDora is often chosen for weddings. We understand how emotional this event is, so we always support even the most ambitious ideas with optimism, actively participate in long discussions and careful planning. We are constantly in touch, starting from the moment of booking the date of the event, ending with the last minute of the celebration. Of course, we develop a warm and trusting relationship with our guests, and they become part of the MiaDora family. MiaDora restaurant is also often chosen for anniversaries, corporate events, presentations. Perhaps from the outside it seems that such events are similar in organizational aspects, but in fact each requires a separate approach, full involvement, cooperation and commitment. I think the MiaDora restaurant is chosen by those who are closer to nature, outdoor recreation with a beautiful view. Those who understand how important the skills and capabilities of the team are for the implementation of ideas and desires. Those who are ready to provide their guests with more than usual. These include walks in a beautiful courtyard with a fountain and a waterfall; and delicious coffee in the bar on the territory of the restaurant; and the opportunity to socialize on the cozy terrace for smokers; and open air candy bar; and, of course, the grand event itself in the main hall of the MiaDora restaurant.
Business Class: Now, during a pandemic, how has MiaDora's life changed?
Andrian Buruyane: We are going through a very difficult stage not only for us, but for the whole world. During the quarantine period, we, first of all, did our best to save the team. We have always appreciated it, because it has been formed for 20 years, a lot of soul has been invested in it, without it success in the future is unthinkable. As a result, we are now working in the same composition as before the quarantine, in the same mode, and maybe even more actively. While there were restrictions on events, we were engaged in optimizing sanitary conditions, improving service, introducing new cooking technologies and automating the process.
Business Class: HoReCa felt the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic more than other industries. How did you feel and what do you think about it?
Andrian Buruyane: If we ignore the disaster that is happening in the healthcare sector and the tragedy experienced by families who lost loved ones and friends during the pandemic, then from a financial point of view, HoReCa is indeed one of the most affected industries. This situation has arisen for the first time, therefore, it is worth treating it as an exam for all owners and managers in this area of ​​business. I personally try to pass this challenging exam with optimism and learn the lessons that we have been receiving in abundance over the past nine months.
Business Class: Adjusting to new realities, what offerings are you preparing for clients in 2021?
Andrian Buruyane: According to the current restrictions on holding mass events, no more than 50 people can participate in them. And we follow this requirement. We also try our best to provide conditions for maintaining social distance between guests. And, of course, we pay special attention to sanitary standards. Many events planned for 2020 have been postponed to 2021, and we are involved in their preparation. But there are also new orders. We meet with each client separately, support, help, give useful advice. It can be difficult to convince people who are planning a grand event, such as a wedding, to reduce the number of guests to 50 people. Therefore, we hope that in the new season it will be possible to work in the same mode as before the pandemic. Of course, no one knows what the situation will be in the next six months, but after all, nothing lasts forever. I look to the future with optimism and hope that in February-March 2021 everything will return to its place. I think this difficult period taught everyone to rejoice in what is, what surrounds us, and we will begin to relate differently to things and events that were previously considered unimportant or commonplace.