Each season has its own charm …

“Nature has no bad weather.” Even if we all know this expression, in everyday life we ​​do not always manage to enjoy the time outside, being often dissatisfied. That is why most brides and grooms dream of having a wedding on a perfect day with beautiful weather. What is the ideal wedding season? It’s up to you, not the calendar. And to make your decision easier, we have prepared in this article some advantages of each season.
A fairytale winter wedding!
Even though many couples avoid choosing this season to celebrate, winter is special because of its fairytale spirit. The flakes, the snow, the loaded trees, all seem broken from a dream, and immortalized in original photos will create the most fascinating memories of the great event. In addition to the fact that in winter you can create a truly unique wedding in terms of restaurant decor, choosing fir branches, cones and candles, opting for this season, you will also have material advantages. Several providers are free, offering advantageous prices, and the assortment of wedding dresses is much larger, most of the models being discounted. And a bride dressed in a short white fur looks like a real queen.
A wedding in the colors of spring!
The season of the resurrection of nature and love is unjustly neglected by most brides and grooms. But May is the best time to celebrate a wedding, as temperatures are already starting to rise, everything around is flourishing, and optimism and love are floating in the air. If you enjoy all the benefits of spring, organizing the wedding in a banquet hall with several areas outside, your guests will be even more delighted. Just imagine what your wedding will look like with the registration of the marriage under the open sky, decorations with the motif of peonies and the costume of the bridesmaids and the knights in pastel shades!
A hot summer wedding!
Lots of sun, warmth and fun, as well as the availability of guests from outside to get to the big event, make summer the favorite in the choices of most couples preparing for the wedding. In addition to the fact that the wedding menu can be very diverse, containing many seasonal goodies, you can impress your guests with the bartenders’ show and the reception in the restaurant’s courtyard with cold sparkling wine and colorful cocktails.
A rich autumn wedding!
This season is considered the leader in the number of weddings, as it is rich not only in vegetables and meat, but also in thematic ideas. The impressive abundance of colors will help you create truly memorable photo shoots and love videos. And cool autumn evenings are perfect for all-night fun
Whatever season you choose, the event spent at the MiaDora restaurant will be a perfect one, because here you will have fun and enjoy every moment of your wedding. Don’t forget that it is one of the most beautiful days of your married life, and fill it with love, warmth and smiles!