Joshua & Corina – a true love story!

They say that love comes when you don't expect it at all. Is it so? In the case of Joshua & Corina, yes! It is about them that our today's magical story.
He is an experienced and promising specialist, she is an intelligent and responsible career woman, they were completely absorbed in their work, so much so that even on February 14, they were both preparing not for a romantic date, but for a business meeting. Who would have thought that a simple handshake of 2 colleagues at the airport would completely change their lives? That spark was stronger than reason, and made the couple believe in love at first sight once and for all.
They enjoyed every moment of life and every stage of the development of their relationship. And one of these stages came just as unexpectedly as their first meeting. Just imagine: Barcelona, ​​a magical sunset, two lovers in a boat on the high seas, a ring and the cherished “Will you become my wife?”. Surprise, a storm of emotions, happiness - all this that evening was contained in one short "YES" - a word that made them a bride and groom.
It's time to make your dream wedding dreams come true. Their tale was about a prince, a princess, and, of course, the team of fairies MiaDora, carefully protecting the future family from pre-wedding stress and worries. This magic helped our heroes avoid many disagreements, lost nerves and strength, and on the wedding day to be absolutely calm and confident that everything will be exactly as intended, down to the smallest detail.
What was the most beautiful day in Joshua & Corina's life? This time there were no surprises! He was waiting for her under a white dome decorated with delicate flowers. Dear guests were seated on elegant chairs, beautifully arranged in the open air, and the musicians played mesmerizing classical music. Three little angels with baskets of flower petals symbolically paved the road to the fateful meeting, and then Corina appeared. In a chic wedding dress, arm in arm with her father, she walked to Joshua under the admiring glances of her loved ones. This was their first meeting, and their first kiss as bride and groom.
No one, absolutely no one managed to hold back their tears. Such a touching official registration marked the beginning of a unique holiday for the newly-made family and their guests. He was full of pleasant surprises, fun and sincere happiness. Now, remembering that special day, Joshua & Corina confess: “If it were possible, we would live it again and again, an infinite number of times!”.
For us, these words are the best reward! That is why we are madly in love with our work and never cease to be surprised, enjoy, and rejoice, experiencing such moments together with our dear brides and grooms. We look forward to meeting you!