Plan B for everything and for everything!

What happens when an obstacle appears in your path? Of course, it all depends on how badly you want to get to the goal. Can we say that quarantine is an obstacle? Yes, but it certainly won't stop you from fulfilling your dream of a fabulous wedding! We have thought a lot about you lately, dear future brides and grooms, and decided to offer you Plan B - a plan that will help you organize a long-awaited event in the context of recent events.
  • Stay calm and put your health and those of others first. Take advantage of this period to strengthen your relationship by providing mutual support. Communicate a lot, dream together about what your wedding will be like, and enjoy the time spent alone ... believe me, soon you will be sorely missed.
  • Choose an alternative date and check if those who will provide services for your holiday are free on that day. According to the latest polls, people's outlook on life has changed a lot, which means that festive events will be more desirable than ever. Therefore, try to reserve your chosen services as early as possible.
  • Set a budget for each service separately. This is always important, and especially now, when the incomes of the majority have decreased. Make a thoughtful, balanced list, and try to follow it. Start with a restaurant, menu, drinks, cake, music, decorations, wedding dress, groom suit, invitations, and continue the list as long as your resources and imagination permit.
  • Ask questions, many questions. And here again the pen comes to the rescue. Before discussing with those who will provide you with wedding services, write at least 5 questions for each of them. Please ask for as many details as possible, because this is the only way you can trust the teams that will create your holiday.
  • Take care of your little guests. Make sure the restaurant you choose also provides babysitting or animation services that will entertain your guests' children. Guests will appreciate this care and will be able to truly relax at your wedding knowing that their children are in safe hands.
  • Be prepared for a change in the weather. Even in the summer, the nights can be chilly and the days can get rainy at any moment. Therefore, prepare some umbrellas and make sure that these points are provided in the restaurant in Chisinau - MiaDora. In addition, it is important to attach all the decorations well, because you will definitely have more important things to do than running after the blown away decorations.
  • Consider possible network outages. Of course, even in your most nightmares, you cannot imagine that the power goes off in the midst of your wedding. Maybe a little dance in the dark for guests will seem interesting; eating in such an environment will definitely not work. Therefore, it is important to choose a restaurant that is equipped with an electricity generator.
  • Don't forget to have fun! The wedding day is your day! Forget stress and enjoy every second! And this is only possible in MiaDora. 18 years of experience in organizing and conducting events allows us to avoid any unforeseen situations. Next to our team, you will feel truly free!
They say that happy is not the one who waits for the storm to end, but the one who has learned to dance in the rain. And even if you can't change the situation, you can dive into the planning process now and enjoy organizing your dream wedding!