We organize events for 50 people!

Certain events help us to truly appreciate what used to be commonplace. The last six months have made it clear to us how much we value our loved ones, and how important it is for us to live the brightest moments together. We have been waiting for the opportunity to get together again after the pandemic, and now, finally, we can again plan the long-awaited holidays! What will they be like now? And most importantly, when? Read more

Professional counseling – the key to a memorable event!

If you imagined that the process of preparing for an event would be a long and unknown journey, what would be the first thing you would think of? You should probably have looked for a guide who knows the area and destination you need to get to. Of course, you can try to travel freely, but it will be much more difficult. Similarly, to organize an important event, you need professional advice that will help you get through this process as easily as possible. How exactly? Read more

What do brides and grooms expect from their first visit to a restaurant?

The first visit to a restaurant for a wedding is like a first date. Distrust and a sense of suspense can easily overshadow the special beauty of this moment. What determines whether you want to spend the most important day of your life in a particular restaurant in Chisinau, and what to look for when you first meet in person? Read more

When to book a restaurant for a wedding?

"Dreams are plans in the mind, and plans are dreams on paper." If one of the happiest events is a marriage proposal behind, it's time to make your cherished dreams of a fabulous wedding come true. Where to start planning? Read more

Unique photozones for brides with refined tastes!

"Everything that is fashionable is fleeting - only classics are eternal." These words are always relevant, but especially when you are choosing locations for a wedding photo shoot. Photos taken in an elegant atmosphere will delight you even after 10, 20, 50 years, because classics are more than style. This is a special philosophy and tradition. In this article, we want to tell you more about the photo zones that are available only for our newlyweds, because they are unique and worthy of unique snapshots. Read more

How to choose a suitable wedding photographer?

Do you know what is the most valuable gift you will receive on your wedding day? A car… a time machine! You will need it every time you want to feel the emotions of your wedding day again. When there are temporary difficulties in family life, or when you are telling your children and grandchildren your love story, you just need to look at your wedding photos. Yes, photos can immerse you in memories and excite your senses, but only on one condition: if they are created by a talented photographer. How to make the right choice? Read more

Why do you trust the wedding organization of a professional team?

A wedding is like an orchestra. No matter how talented its soloists are, in order for its music to touch listeners’ hearts one has to engage various musical instruments, select a location with good acoustics and, of course, find an expressive conductor. As a result of numerous rehearsals, cooperation of the orchestra members turns into music that arouses feelings and goes deep into one’s soul for ever. Read more