About MiaDora restaurant and the new wedding season

Business Class: How old is MiaDora restaurant? How has he changed during this time? Andrian Buruyane: The MiaDora brand has been on the Moldovan market since 2001. We started as a 170 m² bar and restaurant with a daily schedule. Since 2006, we have specialized exclusively in events. Until 2015, nine major renovations were carried out. Read more

We organize events for 50 people!

Certain events help us to truly appreciate what used to be commonplace. The last six months have made it clear to us how much we value our loved ones, and how important it is for us to live the brightest moments together. We have been waiting for the opportunity to get together again after the pandemic, and now, finally, we can again plan the long-awaited holidays! What will they be like now? And most importantly, when? Read more

When to book a restaurant for a wedding?

"Dreams are plans in the mind, and plans are dreams on paper." If one of the happiest events is a marriage proposal behind, it's time to make your cherished dreams of a fabulous wedding come true. Where to start planning? Read more

Joshua & Corina – a true love story!

They say that love comes when you don't expect it at all. Is it so? In the case of Joshua & Corina, yes! It is about them that our today's magical story. He is an experienced and promising specialist, she is an intelligent and responsible career woman, they were completely absorbed in their work, so much so that even on February 14, they were both preparing not for a romantic date, but for a business meeting. Who would have thought that a simple handshake of 2 colleagues at the airport would completely change their lives? That spark was stronger than reason, and made the couple believe in love at first sight once and for all. Read more