Hall for celebrating birthday

Somebody's birthday is a deeply personal Holliday that anyone wants to celebrate it in their own way: somebody is appealed to have a magnificent celebration, others prefer to celebrate it in a small circle with friends and relatives. So which is the best place out of all the halls for birthday parties from our capital and the most appropriate for your event?

MiaDora Restaurant in Chisinau - the banquet hall for Birthdays and Anniversaries!

MiaDora - a restaurant in Chisinau, universally suitable for both a magnificent birthday celebration and for a small family party. Some reasons why those who want to celebrate their birthday beautifully, choose this place more and more frequently:
  • convenient location. The restaurant is located in the Botanica sector - it is easy to be reached by both the inhabitants of Chisinau and those from other places;
  • the second important factor is the birthday hall. This should create a proper festive atmosphere. In MiaDora restaurant, the anniversary hall has a large capacity and a refined classic design, pleasing to the eye. It is nice to be in this restaurant because the style and elegance are felt thoroughly. To celebrate the anniversary, the presence of sound equipment is assumed, and for this purpose there is a modern professional acoustic system;
  • in addition to the general event hall, the restaurant has some places for a pleasant and informal communication - a comfortable bar, an elegant smoking area and a wonderful garden with paths, plantation figurines and a musical fountain;
  • professional and experienced culinary masters - restaurant chefs - will embody your ideas in delicious dishes;
  • here you will also find a parking lot of the restaurant with a capacity of 25 cars, but if there will be more personal transport, it is possible to park an unlimited number of cars in the immediate vicinity;
  • the service of the restaurant personnel will make you dream about it for some time after and come back here to celebrate your next birthday or of your family members.

MiaDora - the best choice to celebrate the anniversary!

Frequently asked questions about organizing anniversaries

     1. Is there a separate room for children?
Considering the experience of MiaDora restaurant for more than 20 years, and over 1500 organized events, we understood that children need a separate area, and more than that they need to be supervised by a person who could be "in the minds of children ”.

     2. Would there be a difference in organization or details if it is an anniversary / anniversary?
Regardless of the type of party, the conditions remain the same, and in the case of anniversaries, if it is organized between November and April, details related to capacity and offers can be discussed.

      3. What are the spaces intended for the party?
The restaurant can have one or more rooms. If you want a private event, it is very important to know from the beginning what are the spaces intended for your party, so that the guests do not mix with other guests / clients of the location.

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