In Moldova, the christening of the child is a great event for the whole family and its friends, because immediately after the christening ceremony at the church, a charming celebration of christening is organized, symbolizing the importance of a newborn. How to choose the best restaurant for christening in Chisinau?

MiaDora - the best restaurant for christening in Chisinau!

MiaDora Restaurant is perfect for the celebration of a solemn event - the first celebration of a baby's life:
  • you can drive by car during working hours because the restaurant is open and you can appreciate its appearance - beautiful architecture with columns and sculptures, a charming green area with a musical fountain, an exclusive interior in solemn light colors, to understand that this is a magnificent place of business in Chisinau;
  • The Hall where you planned to celebrate the event is also important - it must have enough space to make the whole family and guests feel comfortable and also to be distinguished through its appropriate interior - neither defiant nor boring. MiaDora Restaurant is bright, spacious, literally bright, by far the most beautiful Hall in Chisinau;
  • you will be able to personally compose a menu for christening, and the professional chefs of the restaurant will take into account all your wishes and will perfectly prepare both classic and popular dishes of European cuisine - no guest will leave dissatisfied;
  • The event hall for the christening is located in the Botanica sector with excellent accessibility to transport - arriving here is easy both for guests from Chisinau and for guests from the suburbs and the region. There are no difficulties with parking near the restaurant - even at the restaurant it is possible to park 25 personal transport units, next to it there is a parking lot with unlimited capacity;
  • The service of the restaurant will delight any and each guest - the dishes will be served on time and at the right temperature, the staff is distinguished by attention and friendly attitude towards guests.

MiaDora - a christening ceremony in a real palace!

IFrequently asked questions about organizing the christening

     1. Este o camera separata pentru copiii?
Considering the experience of MiaDora restaurant for more than 20 years, and over 1500 organized events, we understood that children need a separate area, and more than that they need to be supervised by a person who could be "in the minds of children ”.

     2. Would there be a difference in organization or details if it is an anniversary / anniversary?
Regardless of the type of party, the conditions remain the same, and in the case of anniversaries, if it is organized between November and April, details related to capacity and offers can be discussed.

      3. What are the spaces intended for the party?
The restaurant can have one or more rooms. If you want a private event, it is very important to know from the beginning what are the spaces intended for your party, so that the guests do not mix with other guests / clients of the location.

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