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MiaDora Wedding Hall is the hall where people have the pleasure to enter and trust us to organize their event, knowing that this will be the only wedding hall where every guest will remember even after many years about the event celebrated here. Here at MiaDora you will find: a luxurious event hall with an elegant and unique design of 800 sq.m., with classic columns and sophisticated chandeliers, equipped with a modern sound system of high technology for your event. The wedding hall of our restaurant means: professionalism, manners, punctuality, chic, satisfaction, elegance and in the end we are sure that it will be unforgettable. Our Hall offers you more than enough space to dance a big moldavian hora. This Hall, placed in Chisinau, is perfect for those who want to celebrate their wedding in an absolutely unique way and to feel special also.

MiaDora — is a restaurant for exclusive and unforgettable weddings in Chisinau!

MiaDora — a wonderful and comfortable wedding restaurant in Chisinau. Why is this place chosen by more and more couples looking for a place to celebrate their wedding? It's simple:

  • the white building of the restaurant, designed in classic style, decorated with stucco, arched structures, columns, statues, inspires elegance and true solemnity, and the surrounding green area will delight all guests: well-kept green area, beautiful decorative waterfalls , a unique musical fountain. Here, especially under the well-thought-out evening lights, it is a pleasure to take a wedding photo shoot.
  • MiaDora is, undoubtedly, the best Hall among all of the Chisinau wedding halls. Spacious, with light decorations and lighting that are perfect for festive ceremonies, it will transform the most modest wedding into a royal ceremony;
  • the restaurant also has comfortable locations for a close and more relaxed communication - guests can have great fun in the bar area, can sit comfortably at the terrace that will be open for buffet or in the smoking area, can take a walk through the green area;
  • you can compile an individual wedding menu, and the excellent chefs of the restaurant will offer your guests a delicious gastronomic experience of professionally prepared dishes;
  • service at European level - convenient parking lot right next to the place with a capacity of 25 cars and unlimited parking in the immediate vicinity, efficiency and permanent courtesy of the staff will please each guest by placing all the dishes in time and perfectly assembled for tasting.

MiaDora invites all the newly married!

Frequently asked questions about organizing the wedding

What additional costs may arise for the wedding?
Before signing a contract, it is important to discuss with the manager / person in charge of the location, what are the additional costs that may arise along the way. It is very possible that some restaurants do not offer you complete information on costs, or only a part that is included in the offer, and for other services additional costs are required. And this would refer to all the necessary service providers for the event: restaurant / moderator / music / decor agency… Ask the service provider if during the collaboration there will be costs that could occur for: waiters / 1 or 2 spoken languages ​​/ how many tools and voices are included / transport, assembly, disassembly…

     2. What are the spaces available for your wedding?
The chosen restaurant can have one or more rooms. If you want exclusivity it is very important to know from the beginning what are the spaces intended for your party, so that the guests do not mix with other guests / clients of the location.

     3. Who guided you on your wedding day?
The restaurant manager is the person who will manage the team in the chosen room, with which you will establish the program / timing of the party, the menu and the simulation of all the products that can be brought, details related to the moments / surprises that may appear unplanned. Some restaurants have managers, who partially take over the role of a wedding coordinator, which means that you will be able to be calm on the wedding day, and the other things will be taken care of by the professionals.

     4. Is there a tasting of the menu and if specific snacks can be included?
Usually the tasting of the menu, or rather of the more sophisticated snacks, is organized after choosing the menu, and this would be about a month before the wedding. Depending on the complexity of the snacks and the products used, it is decided which snacks to taste. Some chefs / restaurants are not willing to change their own snacks or create a snack on request. Thus, if you want to customize your menu, you should definitely ask if this can be done.
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