Restaurant for corporate events

When organizing corporate events, it is extremely important to choose the right banquet hall. Choosing a suitable local emphasizes the status of the company and its administration, increases employee loyalty to the company - employees have more trust and respect for the management team if they feel a dignifying organization of the event. MiaDora - an excellent place in Chisinau to celebrate the corporate party.

MiaDora — a cozy and beautiful restaurant in Chisinau that perfectly fits your corporate party!

MiaDora Restaurant meets all the requirements for your corporate event. It:
  • differs by the convenient location. The restaurant is located in Botanica sector - it is easy to get here for both the inhabitants of Chisinau and all the guests from any point of the Chisinau suburbs;
  • has a hall for the perfect corporate party - spacious, with a modern acoustic system and a magnificent decor that offers the impression of prestige and respectability. Your employees will be pleasantly surprised to celebrate in such an elegant and lavish place;besides the spacious and beautiful hall, the restaurant has comfortable locations for relaxation and free communication - a bar, a smoking area, and a wonderful green area where you can take a walk;
  • the event room allows you to organize a corporate party of any format - it can be either a quiet dinner or a dance party;
  • you don't have to worry about the menu: for each event in the MiaDora restaurant the menu is individually selected and you can choose either a set of classic and popular European cuisine that can satisfy most of your employees, or take into account individual preferences;
  • excellent service: comfortable parking for 25 personal cars near the restaurant and a parking lot for an unlimited number of cars - within walking distance, attentive and friendly staff, fast and discreet service.

Frequently asked questions about organizing corporate parties

     1. For what capacity is the MiaDora restaurant provided?
The restaurant has a single room for organizing an exclusive event, with area for photoshooting, area for welcoming guests, bar area, terrace for smokers, area for fourchette. The minimum capacity is 100-130 people.

What are the conditions for organizing a corporate party at MiaDora?
For the period December-March, we are open to host events starting with a number of 50 people. The conditions and offers are discussed with each individual client.

     3. What makes you considered an exclusive restaurant?
Besides the fact that MiaDora restaurant is the only restaurant in Chisinau with such a design and garden, in the courtyard of which you can organize lavish receptions and presentations or product launches, you also have professional advice during the preparations, a unique menu design system and impeccable service.

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